Metal detector

The crushing process in mining and quarrying applications requires the detection of non-crushable materials in order to prevent damage to the crushers and other machinery. Metal detectors are used to prevent machinery damage and therefore to reduce the costs arising from any damage that may occur and the costs incurred for the stopping of the process.

It solves the problem of metal entry by creating a magnetic field on the belt. Any metallic object going through the magnetic field produces an immediate stop of the feeder and the conveyor belt, this is accompanied by an acoustic and light signal, indicating the presence of a metallic object in the belt. It is possible to control the intensity of the magnetic field with a potentiometer integrated inside the DUB detector.

Ease of installation in the conveyor belt, as it’s placed between the structure and the belt.

Our models

Model Belt width (mm)
DUB – 7 400 – 650
DUB – 9 400 – 800
DUB – 11 400 – 1000