We manufacture machinery for the different stages of the process, from the feeding, through the different types of sorting (manual, mechanical, magnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic) and the different stages of crushing (primary, secondary or tertiary) to washing of the final products


▶ Grizzlly feeders
▶ Hoppers with grid
▶ Picking point cabins
▶ Vibrating screens
▶ Sorting drums
▶ Permanent magnets
▶ Electromagnets
▶ Overbands
▶ Blowers
▶ Air Cyclones
▶ Hydraulic strip separators
▶ Hydraulic screw separators for Archimedes
▶ Jaw Crusher
▶ Primary impact crushers
▶ Secondary impact crushers
▶ Tertiary impact crushers
▶ Washing wheels and washing drums
▶ Fine recovery equipment (water drainers and cyclones)